We Empower Lives! Emergence

To provide New Directions to the student community, underprivileged individuals, and unemployed youth. Our Society was founded by Shri Dasarath Ram Beegala with the mission of providing international-quality education and training to Indian youth in order to enhance their employability and help them obtain gainful work or thrive in self-employment.

From 1999 to 2012, Shri Dasarath Ram served as the University representative for more than 45 renowned UK universities. During his decade-long career as an education counsellor and recruiter, he had the opportunity to deal with numerous urban and rural youngsters who held the necessary academic credentials but were left behind owing to a lack of the necessary skill set and communication skills.

Hence, the NEW DIRECTIONS EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY (NDES) was created to empower and meet the needs of these unemployed, unskilled youth. Mr. Dasarath Ram sees this organization in which every young person is equally competent, self-assured, skilled, and extraordinary in his or her own way.


Empowering Lives and Building Futures Through Education and Equality

  • To deliver International Standard Education to all students.
  • To nurture skills set in the youth which shall be transformed into employ-ability skills.
  • To eradicate poverty, hunger, injustice and discrimination of all forms.
  • To educate and empower each and every section of the society.

We empower lives!

Education and employment aren’t our only goals. Poverty, hunger, injustice, and discrimination are unacceptable in our world. We educate and empower everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, to create a world with equal opportunities and resources.


  • To enhance and uplift the quality of education in India.
  • To generate employment opportunities for our youth.
  • To make our students industry ready.
  • To gain credibility, recognition, and reputation as a competent not-for-profit organization that creates sustainable, productive, and outcome-driven intervention in order to eradicate unemployment and poverty.
  • To build strong public-private partnerships in all the social development interventions so state governments, civil society and corporate society could work together and lay platforms for the betterment of the societies.
  • To synergise the energies of the unemployed youth and bring in positive transformation by empowering them.
  • To maintain transparency and accountability in every intervention of the organization

Join Us!

Education and training can change lives and communities, according to New Directions – Skills. Join us in our mission to improve the world through education and empowerment. We can build a better future together.